Ex and thermostat

If you’ve ever been through a break-up you know exactly how nasty it can get it.

For years you can spend so much time with somebody and feel like your lives are really aligned, only for everything to completely fall apart the moment that they feel hurt.

Their emotions completely overwhelm the situation, and suddenly there is a huge battle going on instead of a platonic separation. Or, at least that’s been my experience for the past 4 months. It’s been a real doozy of a break up. A few weeks ago, I was finally able to go get my things out of my ex’s house. It was an extremely hot weekends to be moving, but it was all that I had to work with. Of course, when I got into the house, I noticed that it was extremely hot and humid inside. I went over to the thermostat and had to let out an exasperated sigh. Of course, my ex had to make this the most miserable experience possible, as usual. Rather than being decent, he had turn the thermostat setting all the way up to 78 degrees. The house was swelteringly hot and humid, and we had no way to turn down the air-conditioning system. He put a lock on the thermostat, so I was out of options. I consider just breaking the thermostat and forcing the air conditioning system on, but I knew that would only cause more headaches down the line. I also considered calling out an HVAC company and asking them to please help me with my broken thermostat, but I figured that could go south quickly as well. In the end, it was worth it to just get all of my things in the sweltering heat and go. Anything was better than continuing to deal with him.
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