Getting new AC for broke best friend

I love my friends more than anything.

In fact, most of the time they’re closer to me than my family is.

I’ve had a pretty rough upbringing and I’ve always relied on my friends. As such, I always want to repay the favor and help them any way that I can. They mean the world to me. I’ll give up just about anything if I can help a good buddy with their issues. Recently, I gave up my bonus for the year, when my friend needed a new air conditioning unit. She lives in the South, and moved there on a bit of a wimp. When she arrived she could not get a job to save her life. She wound up moving into a small crappy apartment, that had no working air conditioning in it. When she asked her landlord about getting the AC unit fixed, he gave her a ton of attitude. Weeks later, the AC unit still wasn’t fixed. A month later, with the heat of Summer approaching, she still had no way to cool her indoor air. I couldn’t keep letting her live this way, sweaty and Sleepless. I tried to give her my own AC unit, telling her that I didn’t need it as much since my weather is cooler. However, she refused to take my AC window unit. Eventually, I couldn’t live with the knowledge that she was doing so poorly. I called in the nearest professional HVAC service when she was going to be out of town. I had them install a brand-new cooling system for her while she couldn’t protest. When she returned back to her apartment after her trip, she was overjoyed to find cool refreshing air inside. She called me, wildly, wondering if I was behind the AC upgrade. I played stupid, and she has no idea that I fixed her AC to this day.