Good riddance to old ducts – disgusting and holey

Sometimes it’s not worth fixing things.

There’s always the option of pouring more time energy and finances into projects, and hoping that you can keep things running.

However, in my experience, there’s a point of diminishing returns. There’s a time when you just have to call it quits. It’s hard for me, but I have been making those decisions quite a bit lately. For instance, I realized that my romantic relationship just wasn’t fixable. We could keep spending money on counseling and trying to fix it, but really we were just putting off the inevitable. Similarly, I just had to upgrade my car. It was about to break down at any point, and the amount of money that it would take to make it safe again was not worth the investment. When I was on a roll with both of these major life changes, I went ahead and had my HVAC system rejuvenated as well.I have been noticing that my heating and cooling system wasn’t running very efficiently for a while now. I had to adjust the thermostat several times throughout the day to keep the temperature semi even inside my home. It wasn’t very comfortable, and I was spending a ton of money trying to keep my old air conditioning systems in order. Eventually, I called out the HVAC technician. When he arrived, I asked him to just do a full makeover. He suggested that we start patching up some of the air ducts improve the air flow efficiency. I pause for a moment, and then ask him how much it would cost to just start all over again. He seemed taken aback by this idea, but I was set on it in that moment. These days I have all new air ducks running back and forth through my home. My air is fresher and my energy levels are much lower. Sometimes quitting is a great thing.


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