Group fitness classes keep me going

I always workout better in a group.

I think that’s because the group motivates me to push myself harder.

When I workout by myself, I tend to call it a day as soon as I start getting a little tired. But in a group fitness training class, I keep going. I don’t want to be the weakest link. No one wants to be the first one to quit, that’s for sure. As one of the youngest people in most of the fitness classes, I feel especially pressured to keep going. I can’t be outmatched by people almost twice my age after all. That’s why I’m so happy that they recently reopened the gyms in my area. They were closed for a bit with the covid-19 thing. I’ve been working out at home with some of my own equipment. I’ve also been going for a jog in the morning. But, like I said, I don’t feel motivated when I work out by myself. The gyms reopened on Monday and the first thing I did was sign back up for CrossFit class. I can’t wait to get back into group fitness training. I hope some of my old workout buddies are also going to be there when the class starts on Wednesday. It’s funny, I don’t know any of them outside of the class. We haven’t exchanged numbers or anything like that. But we tend to be in the same fitness training classes and I consider them friends. More importantly, I consider them competitors. They keep me going when I feel like I don’t have any more left to give.


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