Gym locker room is really nasty

The locker room in my gym is just nasty.

  • The gym itself is really nice.

They have all new equipment and the heating and air conditioning work really well. The gym doesn’t smell or anything. However, after working out, I dread the thought of entering the locker room. I can’t speak for the women’s locker room but the men’s locker room is just terrible. The stench is unimaginable. I think this is because the locker room is next to the sauna. Combined that with the showers and the men’s locker room always has a humidity level close to 100%. There’s no air conditioning or heating in the locker room either. So it’s just hot and nasty. I really wish I had checked out the locker room before signing up for the membership at this gym. But I didn’t. I just walked in and saw how nice and new all of the equipment was. I also love the idea of the nutritional counseling and Crossfit classes that are offered. So I signed up for the yearly plan and paid for the entire year up front. I thought I was saving money by doing this. So now I’m tied to this gym with a smelly locker room or another 10 months. The locker room is so bad, that I’m starting to think that I might just change my clothes in my car or something. I don’t want to throw away 10 months worth of gym membership and just find another gym. However, I don’t want to breathe that stinky air anymore either. I really wish they would just fix the problem.


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