I Want To Participate In a Fitness Class With My Girls

I feel like I don’t act like most other brides do these days.

I’m not interested in making a huge deal out of the wedding, and my fiance plus I will be married at my parent’s condo on the beach one sunny afternoon.

There will be BBQ, wine, and nobody has to dress up. I suppose that I should still do something special with my friends though. Traditional wedding parties have a bunch of events such as bridal showers, bachelorette parties and other gatherings. I think I’m going to sign my girls plus I up for a bachelorette fitness class. Myself and my bridesmaids would work with a personal trainer in order to look our best in our dresses. The personal trainer decides where the weight should be cut plus tailors exercises to these concerns. I think the bridal fitness class would be fun and unique. I have four bridesmaids that I’m actually close with. The group of us could go once per week to a semi-private training class in order to be together while getting in shape. I want to be casual, so I think that will make personal training more fun for everyone. There is absolutely no stress about fitting into a dress for anyone, because there isn’t going to be a professional photographer on the day of the wedding to document how everyone looks. I absolutely just want to participate in the classes to celebrate with my friends plus have it be something fun. I think it could be a good time.

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