If you’re having trouble with your furnace try a variable speed one

About two months ago I was having a ton of problems keeping the HVAC system in my home running smoothly.

I would always have the thermostat at the same setting, but some days it didn’t want to work.

Whenever I would get the furnace running finally it would only last for a few hours. I wanted to call an HVAC technician to come check out what could be wrong with my furnace but I wanted to see if I could figure it out first. I looked up different HVAC parts that might need replacing, but whenever I looked at the HVAC parts that were inside of the furnace everything looked fine. Eventually I called an HVAC technician and when he came out he told me that I should get a new furnace installed. I really didn’t want to pay for a new furnace but he eventually sold me on it. The HVAC technician was very kind so I knew that I could trust him, and he told me that I should get a variable speed furnace. I had never even heard of a variable speed furnace and on top of that I didn’t know that my furnace just had one speed! I knew that whenever I changed the thermostat it would do something inside of the furnace and I guess I assumed that was the variable speed part. Now I know that a variable speed furnace has multiple speeds which means that the HVAC parts are not worn out as fast. You can save a lot of money by switching to an updated HVAC system, you should really try it out.

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