Just don’t cut out an HVAC repair over cost

All of the things that are happening in our world just makes my head spin.

There is just so much out of our control and unknown when it comes to living through a pandemic.

I think being at home in the HVAC comfort of my home is a help and a hindrance. There is nothing more I want to do than not catch or spread this virus. That’s why I follow all the scientific protocols to keep myself and my fellow man safe. Lucky for me, I work from home so the adjustment to spending nearly all my time in the HVAC at home wasn’t too tough. Yet, I am longing to get back to a semblance of a normal life. Also, the pandemic resulted in my wife losing some of her income. The result has been for us to have to be very careful about our spending. We don’t know if her income will ever fully return so, the budget got a lot tighter. This is tough when there is a pending HVAC repair. Our HVAC people told us that the HVAC needed a fairly significant part replacement. We held off thinking we could save for it but then, the pandemic hit. Now, I simply have to pull the trigger on the HVAC repair. Part of me wants to hire an unlicensed guy a friend of mine recommended. His price is almost half what the HVAC professionals will charge. While tempting, I just can’t go there. I want professionals repairing our HVAC. And, I like that the work is guaranteed. It is tough to swallow this cash outlay right now. But, professional HVAC repair is the only way to go.


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