Foldable deck furniture

For years having furniture on my outdoor deck wasn’t possible.

In the north the wind is just brutal. If I purchased anything cheap, the flimsy furniture pieces would simply fly away. If I bought heavy duty furniture, I was stuck moving it in and out of the house constantly due to rain or snow. For a long time I just treated the deck like an open work space, rather than a comfortable seating area. A friend of mine got a custom made bed set done and highly recommended the builder to me. I took a chance and I am so glad! The furniture builder made me chairs and a table for the space that can be folded and stored easily. In the summer my family just grabs a chair off the hook and unfolds it to sit. The table can store easily in my hall closest and be placed on the deck when we all want to eat. In the winter when everything has to come inside it is not tedious. When folded, the custom furniture pieces are quite lightweight and super easy to carry. I can move all the furniture pieces in and out of the house in under five minutes. The material the pieces are made of are not cheap. I know my custom pieces are going to last a long time. I am so happy with my foldable deck furniture that I have been looking at the inside of my house. The custom builder is obviously talented and rather ingenious. I am wondering what other handy pieces he can create to make my life easier.

Southwest furniture

Getting the couch custom made was smarter

It seems like everyone in my family has needed to update their new coach.

My older brother went to a department store and bought the most expensive one available.

The couch is pure white, giant and not all that comfortable. He paid out the butt for something that looks classy, but is really more of a showpiece than functional. My sister ordered hers online and had it created and shipped from another country. She spent so much in shipping and is now stuck with a couch not the right size for her home. The couch just barely fits in the living room. It is an intricate dance trying to get on that couch. I actually spent my money wisely and contacted a furniture builder. The custom furniture builder made me a couch exactly the way I wanted it. I sent the dimensions I wanted so the couch was able to fit in my room perfectly. I also had it a little deeper than typical since I am a tall man. Additionally, the couch padding was a lengthy discussion as well. I emailed my builder back and forth about the look and feel of the upholstered couch. I was more concerned about comfort rather than appearance, unlike my brother. I now have my finished custom couch in my home. I have the best couch out of my siblings. Mine is the right size, super comfortable and still looks classy. I also think I spent less than my two siblings. It was a faster, cheaper process going through a local builder.

Grand european retreat

Interior designer trying to save the project

My sister has recently gotten married and is proving to be too young to own a home.

She is just a housewife right now with too much time on her hands.

My sister really should have married an older dude with oodles of money. Her demands in her new home have been ridiculous. I feel very bad for her husband. My sister decided that the house needs to be totally updated. She called up an interior designer and wants the house to have a theme. I thought only rich people used interior designers and had themed rooms. My sister chose an ugly theme too, cozy dollhouse. Basically this means puffy couches, chairs and cream fabrics. If there is a color besides white, it is typically pink. It is almost like a little girl is designing the house. The only good thing I can say is that the interior designer realizes the situation and is desperate to save it. The designer is not cheap, but she is trying to cut costs where she can. Rather than get all new rugs, curtains, furniture and pillows, the designer is trying to get each room themed with as little as possible. I also know the interior designer has been trying to get more than pink and white in the house. I was even more impressed when the designer wanted both my sister and her new husband to approve of everything. The husband is the one paying the bill, he should at least know what he is getting. I think the cozy dollhouse won’t be as bad as I originally thought due to the designer.


Transitional sophistication

Custom built bookcase with more storage

I am going to have more storage in a higher quality product

When I was 16 years old my father gifted me with a wood bookcase. When I received the book case I knew right away it was too small. I still accepted it and used it as motivation to only keep my favorite books. Now tens years have passed and the tiny bookcase has moved to a new state, multiple apartments and suffered through many cleanings. The wood isn’t really holding up anymore. The glass front is smudged and slightly cracked. I also desperately need more space than the bookcase is offering. I looked online and I hated everything that was offered. I make good money and it is important to me. So I am spoiling myself with getting a custom wood bookcase created by a furniture builder. The craftsman has been really great about figuring out exactly what I want. I gave him the exact height, weight and length that I wanted. I also was hoping for something similar to what I already owned, but better. I liked the glass front that showcased all my books. I also like that the furniture piece had multiple shelves. The custom furniture builder has given me a mock up of what he is building. The piece looks totally amazing. It is just like my bookcase my dad gave me, but so much cooler. I am going to have more storage in a higher quality product. The wood shouldn’t chip, the glass won’t smear as easily and even moving the case should go better. I can’t wait to see the finished product in my home.

Coffee table

Custom office set up

I work totally online based and from the comfort of my own home. With any work situation, there are some expenses to ensure success. Office types invest in a good wardrobe, car and maybe lunch situation. For me, I am all about my home office. I got the best laptop money could buy and I sprung for faster internet. Next was getting the right desk and office chair for the space. Rather than go to an office or department store, I contacted a furniture builder instead. I wanted a custom desk chair and desk made by hand. The custom furniture builder made a chair perfect for my height and size. My feet rest comfortably on the floor and the backrest is reclined exactly the way I like it. I did not want a wood chair though. I was hoping for plush padding. The furniture builder got the whole chair upholstered with padding placed inside. I can sit in that chair for hours without hurting my knees, back or neck. My butt also is very happy sitting on a literal cushion. I am like some sort of king. The desk is really the focal piece however. I have a hole in the corner of the desk where my laptop cord can feed through. This way there is no awkward cord laying around. I also have drawers to hold all my important papers and documents. My desk also has a main drawyer that stores my computer when it is not in use. That way the desk can serve as more than a workstation. The chair and desk were considerable money but oh so worth it.

Grand european retreat

Bathroom storage piece

The worst room in my house used to be the bathroom.

The reason for this was the bathroom had no storage.

Not only was it a small room, but there were no cubbies or hooks. I had to store our towels, wash clothes and hand towels in the hall closest a significant distance away. I also could not store any soap, shampoo or other toiletries in the bathroom. I hated that I had to walk to get anything for the bathroom. I then started looking around online for some type of cabinet to store everything. I did not like the cheap press wood most of the furniture pieces came in. I also hated the sizing and layout of the pieces. Desperate I started looking at higher quality pieces and then I found a custom furniture website. The furniture builder ended up being the answer to everything. I called up the guy, talked about my space and sent him pictures and dimensions I wanted for my storage cabinet. The furniture maker used oak rather than a cheap press board. He also made drawyers, shelves and hooks all a part of the storage container. The furniture piece is not all that big and yet it holds everything. In the drawers I have towels, washcloths and hand towels. I have stored my soaps, shampoos and body washes in the little shelves. Wet towels no longer need to be washed after one use. Every family member has a hook on the furniture piece and can reuse the towel. I have the cabinet right outside the bathroom and it is easy to grab anything.

Italian furniture

Kitchen island on wheels is a game changer

I have been going room to room in my house doing updates.

  • Some rooms just need a new rug or a window.

Certain rooms have required me to gut them fully. The kitchen was a nightmare, but now it is the best room in the house. I got all new kitchen cupboards and counters. I also worked to open up the space by taking down a wall and removing my kitchen table. The kitchen table and chair set was such a space hog. I figured my family could easily eat in the living room. After two months of this I realized why people own kitchen tables. Eating in the living room was horrible. I hated balancing my plate and my kids dropped food all the time. There was no way to eat in the kitchen though. In a panic I actually reached out to a furniture builder to see if there was a way to have a table not take up so much space. The custom furniture builder was amazing. He ended up making a kitchen island that is on wheels. The kitchen island can serve as a cutting station and food prep center. There are also tons of drawers and storage space. The best feature is that my kitchen island can wheel around easily. I can move the island out of the way to open up the kitchen. I also can move it right into the living room so that my family has a table to eat on. I even thought about getting some bar stools and occasionally moving everyone in the kitchen for a meal or two. The options are endless now that I have this furniture piece.
Tuscan furniture

Grand home theater room

I am a huge movie buff.

Sadly, the days of VHS, DVD and hard copy movies have gone out the window.

Everything is all digitized now. I own tons of movies in hard copy format though. I invested quite a bit of money to get my movies in the best possible condition too. I have ensured that all my movies have slip covers that are unique, colorful and interesting. I additionally purchased tons of movie posters and projection equipment. When I bought my home I determined that one space would be my movie room. This ended up meaning that my DVDS and VHS tapes sat in a box in the corner. My projection equipment looked old and out of place. I also hated the couch that I put in my movie room. Once I had a little extra money, I decided to call up an interior designer for some help in my movie room. The woman said I needed to make it a grand home theater room. She totally revamped the space and now I love it. The interior designer paired with a custom furniture builder as well. I got a bookcase only intended for my hard copy films. Each one of my movies are now proudly displayed in a wooden case. I also got rid of the couch and have old style theater seats. The chairs recline, have cup holders and foot rests. The recliners take up hardly any space too. They don’t take away from my movie posters and the projection equipment matches the chairs. That space used to be the biggest letdown in my home. Now I love my grand home theater room.

Leather couches

Rustic meets traditional update

My husband and I just bought our first house and it is a rustic feel.

There are wood floors, walls and the kitchen cupboards are all wood. The owner before definitely liked the cabin in the woods vibe it was giving off. They had an old wood stove installed on a brick pad right in the middle of the living room. The house also came with old rocking chairs and antique Civil War uniforms. My husband and I are not history lovers. I got rid of the uniforms and the woodstove immediately. I then wanted to update our house in a rustic meets traditional style. I had no clue on how to do this though. I figured I would need to rip up the floors and get brand new tile. I also imagined getting new kitchen cupboards and painting over the wood walls. The expense on making the house not look like a hunter’s lodge was so high though. My husband had a brain blast however. He said that we should try calling an interior designer to see if they can help us alter the look of our home without breaking the bank. The interior designer ended up being a lifesaver. The woman knew exactly what I meant when I said I wanted a traditional style home. She found furniture pieces that were modern and classy. She also got rugs, tapestries and pillows that brought out more than brown in the home. Turns out we did not need to redo anything in the house. The most we did was add white paint to the wood walls. Now our home feels rustic, but in a classy way.


Oak furniture

Custom couch and table set for shorter family

I have a very small and short family.

Typically furniture doesn’t really fit our small stature. Couches are usually too deep for our legs to hang down and feet to rest comfortably on the floor. Kitchen chairs are always too tall in order to comfortably eat at the table. It is not unusual to see a step stool or chair hanging around the home in order for one of us to reach something. For years my family just wasn’t comfortable on furniture. I finally decided to call up a custom furniture designer and get some pieces built for our small sizes. I got a couch that is shallow so that our feet can rest on it. I also got a kitchen table created that is lower to the ground. I then had four kitchen chairs that were shorter and fit perfectly around the table. The sizing is just a few inches different, but wow, it has really made a difference in my family’s comfort. Everyone can happily sit on the couch for hours now. Eating, playing cards or just hanging out in the kitchen is no longer a fight. The custom furniture maker has really changed my family’s lives for the better. I have looked at the builder’s portfolio and checked other furniture pieces. There are end tables, dressers, bed frames and even rocking chairs I can purchase. Of course, sizing on these pieces is not a big deal. The quality of the furniture I already own is so amazing that I want to have more in my home.

Fifth avenue style