Seal up that house – automatic door closers

I’m really in love with the idea of saving money.

There’s nothing that I enjoy more than seeing my savings account growing with every passing month.

Hell, with every passing day. I love to earn cash. I love working, so the two go hand-in-hand pretty nicely. That being said, I’m always looking for ways to earn more money passively. Instead of spending so much, I like to save without even thinking about it. Recently, I’ve been working really hard on ceiling up my home so that it can be more energy efficient. That means everyday I’ll be saving money without even trying. If my HVAC system could operate as though it was still brand new, I would be saving hundreds or thousands of dollars every year on my regular Air Heating & Cooling costs. that being said, it’s not so easy to seal up a pretty old house. There are a lot of holes and leaks all throughout the infrastructure. I’ve been diligently trying to steal in my hot and cold air, but there’s always more room for improvement. Recently I realize that the doors don’t seem to close all the way. It’s compounded by the fact that my son has a bad habit of forgetting to close doors all the way. Since there seems to be an issue with letting our high-cost hot and cold air float straight out the house, I decided that I needed to do something to improve the efficacy of the doors. Well, that was as quick as taking a trip to the hardware store. I bought some automatic door closers, like the ones that they use at restaurants. This way, every time my son carelessly walks outside and doesn’t close the door behind him all the way, the door automatically swings shut and seals in the air conditioning before he can try to cool the entire neighborhood. These days, my energy bills are decreasing regularly. The sound up doors slamming has been increasing though


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