Thermostat for Christmas

My family knows me way too well. They know that I’m an extremely practical person and I also have a hard time spending any extra money if there’s a way to avoid it. I’m super Frugal, and especially when it comes to buying things for myself. I would much rather go without you then to drop the cash on something nice for me. As a result, I live a pretty simple and stressful life. I have to work uphill to accomplish many things, because I don’t have the most high-tech or efficient models on the market. This is definitely the case when it comes to my home HVAC system and my outdated thermostat. For 10 years now, I’ve been meaning to update my thermostat. I think that thing has probably been installed in the house for about fifty years now. It is a completely ancient air temperature control device, that doesn’t allow for much accuracy or specificity. There’s no way to set a program temperature control plan on the thermostat, so I have to remember to turn the heating and cooling system up and down every day depending on my schedule. Oftentimes, I forget to turn the dial in the right direction on my way in or out of the house, and wind up with a high energy bill or an extremely hot house. That’s why, I was so Overjoyed when my brilliant family bought me a smart thermostat for Christmas this year. Rather than blowing the gift on something luxurious or unnecessary, they bought me the most practical and necessary Gift on Earth. Finally, I can set my temperature control plan and forget about one adult responsibilities.


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