Workplace wellness program is great

My coworkers and I have each dropped close to 10 lb

When my workplace decided to implement a wellness program, I wasn’t very interested at first. I figured it was one of those things offices do to try to make themselves seem altruistic. You know the ones I mean? Workplaces are always doing things that are supposed to make them look good but aren’t actually helpful to the employees in any way. That was my assumption anyway. It turns out I was wrong. This wellness program has been really good for company morale as well as the individual health of the employees. The workplace wellness program includes things like better health insurance as well as group physical training programs. They have training programs almost every day. Sometimes the physical training classes are in the morning, before the work day starts, and sometimes the physical training classes are in the evening, after the work day. I like the physical training classes in the morning, myself. I just get to work a little bit early and do a little bit of yoga before the regular work day begins. I can’t explain it, but I feel so much better when I do this. I just feel sharper and more energetic throughout the day. The nutritional programs offered with the wellness program are also great. My coworkers and I have each dropped close to 10 lb. I think the wellness program is working so well because we are all encouraging each other in the office. It’s brought us all closer as a team. I have to say, the workplace wellness program is one of the best things my managers have ever done for this office.

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